About me. . .

Throughout my life, sewing has been the constant.  While I may be the perennial beginner knitter, or the on-again, off-again cyclist or gardener, I always come home to sewing.  The last five years have allowed me to concentrate my skill-building and - significantly - my thoughts on where I want to go with my skills. 


*    *    *    *

The timing is fortunate for businesses such as Joy Handbags, for people have a renewed appreciation for handmade.  While one cannot escape that there is an inexhaustible inventory of mass-produced stuff beckoning and pinging you from right, left, and center every time you "connect", your efforts must become more and more earnest these days if you want to hook and reel in a unique gift, or to score an item that asserts who you really are, one that distinguishes you and your tastes.

Joy Handbags is a shop and a service that invites you to avow your own identity.  If you don't see a bag style or specialty item that "speaks" to you, then please reach out to me.  My best finished products have begun with my customers' inspired ideas.  (Take a look in my "Gallery" for examples.)  For this very reason, I have evolved into a shop that now primarily offers custom order products.  There's very little these days that I won't venture to try - now that's progress!  (However, please don't ask me to make curtains!)


My In-Home Parties are as ever a popular event, and bring customization options right into your home.  Explore Parties here.