A Tale of Two Bags

I'm a rookie at this game, and yet I come to it with decades of practice. How can that be? Sewing was always one of my rather solitary endeavors, a sanctuary that allowed me to close myself off from. . . well. . . just about anything. "Just about anything" sadly included constructive feedback and opportunities to collaborate (or just dialogue) with other imaginative people.

Now that I have the luxury of time, (and time of course allows one to both concentrate one's focus and - alternatively - give free rein to imagination,) I am sort of reinventing myself. What "worked" for me before no longer necessarily suits. Some realizations obdurately evade me, but in the end they humble me. I have been making some discoveries of late that fill me with unexpected pleasure; in other words, when my mind's eye shapes something out of nothing I now am able to anticipate with much more joy and curiosity how the next person might re-fashion my ideas.

My In-Home Parties have now become occasions that satisfy a broad range of desires and needs. It is a meaningful opportunity for friends and new acquaintances to mingle, sip wine, nibble, and share news and the latest scuttlebutt. On my part I also enjoy the same benefits, but I also am able to present my finished products and sit down one-on-one to provide personalized guidance for custom orders. If I may have been a tad ambivalent about social gatherings in the past, I now embrace the home parties as opportunities for free therapy! They also are a personal springboard to even more enjoyable tasks for me. I follow up the party by fulfilling custom orders, breathing new life into my original ideas and creations. And THAT, my dear friends, is my new natural high!

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